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On 9 September 2020, the World Health Organization and the Global Sepsis Alliance will co-host the 2020 World Sepsis Congress Spotlight. This important event has been approved for WFICC in-principle support and will  feature more than 30 presentations on COVID-19, AMR, sepsis, and more. The event is free and completely online. Please click here to download the congress program as a PDF.


The WFICC is supporting the 2020 edition of the WORLD SEPSIS MEETING with the theme of Breaking Barriers Around the World. This is a virtual, on-line event allowing free tuition to an unlimited number of participants. This meeting is open to all health professionals and will be held between September 12th and 16th, 2020. There is an impressive and diverse Faculty of more than 150 speakers from the five continents and there will be simultaneous English/Spanish, Spanish/English translation. You can view the PROMOTIONAL VIDEO Full details including registration can be found by visiting You can view the provisional program.

ISIIC Study - Invitation to Participate

The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (JSICM) is organizing an international questionnaire investigation for COVID-19 in ICU facilities (ISIIC Study). Following a review by the Research Committee, the survey is supported by the WFICC and we are encouraging all societies and their members to participate in this worldwide investigation. Please find attached letter from Professor Nishida, JSICM President and Drs Keibun Lui and Kensuke Nakamura with full details.The survey is being conducted to understand the actual situation and to evaluate the difference between the area and countries. The survey questionnaire will be performed on two days, 3rd June and 1st July 2020 and participating centres will be sent the URL to access the questionnaire and input the answers. The name of the representative from each facility will be included in the acknowledgments.Please use the following link to register ask your society members to access the URL below to register their information; 1. Hospital name, 2. ICU name, 3. Your name as the representative, 4. E-Mail address (the investigation URL will be sent to this mail address); URL for registration: your members have any questions about this investigation, please contact the JSICM Executive Office using the link below; Executive Office Mail: (ISIIC Study committee, The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine)

World Restart-a-Heart Day 2020

The WFICC is supporting World Restart-a-Heart Day 2020 which will be held on October 16th. "All citizens of the world can save a life. All that is needed is two hands" You can access a range of resources to promote and prepare for hosting your own event on October 16th by clicking on these links;WRHD flyerWRAH detailed information10 principles of lay resuscitation

Message from the Honorary Treasurer

Please find attached message from Dr Mary White, Honorary Treasurer regarding the payment of 2020 membership dues MARY WHITE

COVID-19 Resources

The American Heart Association is compiling up-to-the-moment information from various sources for physicians regarding; How to prevent;How to diagnose;How to treat CONVID-19.

CONVID-19 Chinese and European perspectives

The ESICM recently hosted a webinar to share insights about the situation in China and Europe, advice on how hospitals should respond and what can be learned from the experience in Mainland China.

HYPOTENSION in the ICU study - opportunity to participate

The WFICC Council recently approved a request for in-principle support for an ICU Hypotension Survey. This is an International Survey conducted among Physicians and Nurses regarding Used Definitions, Incidence, Current Treatment Strategies and Perceived Outcome of Hypotension in Intensive Care Patients.

New resource outlines Strategic Goals when caring for patients with 2019-n-CoV

As at January 30th 2020, 14 countries have confirmed cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) while the number of reported cases has almost tripled.  Caring for Critically Ill Patients with Novel Coronavirus is the Society of Critical Care Medicine's (SCCM) latest blog article by Dr Lewis Rubinson MD, PhD.

2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCov)

Professional colleagues will be aware of reports concerning the outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCov), which has infected at least 300 people in China. Cases have also been identified on others countries including South Korea, Japan and the USA.

SAnDMAN study - opportunity to participate

The SAnDMAN study is an observational study that aims to describe patterns of sedative and analgesic use, as well as the local availability and use of sedation, analgesia and delirium protocols for management of critically ill, mechanically ventilated patients.


The Executive Committee and Council have published their Annual Report for 2019. You can view the report HERE or by using the drop down menu in the News tab on the Home Page.


Elections were held at the 1st General Assembly held during the 14th World Congress in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday, October 15th. From the list of nominated candidates (n = 13) the following were elected to as Council members to  serve from 2019 to 2023:Mary White (Australia); Jorge Hidalgo (Belize); Fernando Dias (Brazil); Shigeki Fujitani (Japan); Jose Elizalde (Mexico); Chong-Jen Yu (Taiwan); Ruth Kleinpell (WFCCN)


At the 1st General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia, Delegates approved some significant and substantial changes to the organisation. Central to these changes was the approval to change the name to "World Federation of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine. You can review the minutes of the General Assembly HERE

Development of Intensive and Critical Care in your country - do you have a story to share?

Jan Bakker, Editor of the Journal of Critical Care which is the official publication of WFSICCM, is interested in receiving submissions about development of Intensive and Critical Care in countries around the world.


With effect from August 1st 2018 Council approved the launch of a new logo to represent our global organisation. Please read the full annoucement: MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT 

17th World Congress venue announced

Following a meeting of Council held in Melbourne, Australia it is announced that the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) will host  the 17th World Congress in 2025.. The venue will be the city of Delhi.


The World Federation frequently receives requests from society members and other organisations to endorse or support activities in intensive and critical care medicine.


A World Federation Task Force led by Pravin Amin has published a series of articles in the Journal of Critical Care. The first seven articles are available to view using the links below. Further articles from this Task Force will be published in future editions of the Journal.


Visitors can now access all the available resources on EBOLA in a new section of the website. There is a new headline banner on the Home Page labelled EBOLA RESOURCES. Just click on the tab to access the dedicated resource area.

Surviving Sepsis Campaign - Resource Modules

The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), through our joint international program the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC), have prepared and made available presentations in support of the SSC’s  “International Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock 2012.” 

Help us, to help you

Member Societies can have any relevant conferences on intensive and critical care medicine listed in the meetings section of our site. We aim to provide weekly updates to our meetings database but reserve the right not to list meetings which are deemed by Council to have an inappropriate content or theme.

New Endorsement Policy

The World Federation frequently receives requests from society members and other organisations to endorse or support activities in intensive and critical care medicine. To bring clarity, consistency and transparency to the endorsement process a new policy governing these requests has been approved and adopted by Council with effect from MARCH 1st 2018.